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Registration deadline is June 1st.

Foundations of Ayurveda

150 hr course

“You are the world and the world is you.” -Dr. Vasant Lad


Ayurveda is a system of self-exploration, where we discover the universal connection between ourselves and the natural world. In this Foundations of Ayurveda Course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery through ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. Discover the principles of Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, psychology, yoga, and self-care. Through learning practical ways to integrate Ayurveda into your own life and daily routine, you will feel more connected to yourself, others, and the natural world.


This 8-module, 150-hour course is a prerequisite for our upcoming Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certification Course. 


This course is perfect for yoga teachers, healthcare workers, alternative healers, and anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of Ayurveda and apply it to their own healing.


Fall 2019 Schedule

Introduction to Ayurveda & Vedic Philosophy

August 16-18

Doshic Theory: An In-depth Exploration of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha 

August 23-25

Advanced Ayurvedic Anatomy: Beyond the Doshas

September 6-8 

Pranayama and Energetic Anatomy 

September 20-22 

The Fire of Transformation: Agni & Ayurvedic Nutrition 

October 4-6 

Yoga, Ayurveda, and the Mind 

October 18-20 

Sacred Rituals and Vedic Living 

November 15-17 


Sanskrit & Mantra: Part 1

December 7-8 

Required Book:

Textbook of Ayurveda Volume 1: Fundamental Principles by Dr. Vasant Lad

Weekend Hours:

Friday 6-8pm

Saturday 8am-6pm

Sunday 8am-6pm

Total investment: $2,250

Payment plans available, contact us for details.

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