Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse

April 17-30, 2017

With Debby Andersen and Courtney Miller

As nature is transitioning, it’s an excellent time to renew and re-align with nature’s rhythms–not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Just as it is necessary to tune up your car’s engine regularly, your body also needs regular cleansing and rejuvenation to keep it healthy and disease-free.

Ayurveda recommends that we cleanse at the changing of the seasons, when our outer environment changes, in order to remove accumulated doshas (imbalances) and re-set our internal environment. Ayurvedic cleansing has been used for thousands of years, and is famous for its ancient, proven process of removing impurities, balancing the tissues, and restoring harmony and health to all levels of our being.

Benefits of Ayurvedic cleansing include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Stronger immune system
  • Effortless weight loss
  • Clearing and soothing the skin (removing dryness and inflammation)
  • Alleviation of pain
  • Resetting your body’s cravings (so that you crave what’s good for you)
  • Letting go of old mental patterns, emotions, addictions, and behaviors
  • Improved digestion, metabolism, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of wastes
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Aligning with your body’s natural rhythms
  • Do all of this gently and safely–without deprivation, extreme fasting, or discomfort

What to expect

An Ayurvedic cleanse consists of 3 phases: the pre-cleanse, primary cleanse, and post-cleanse.


The first 4 days of the cleanse, you will focus on preparing your body to cleanse. In addition to kindling your digestive fire and cleaning up your diet, you will also learn specific techniques for balancing the nervous system and opening bodily channels so that accumulated wastes can be eliminated.


For the next 7 days, you will undergo a deep transformation as you purge old, unwanted mental, physical, and emotional waste. Your internal organs will be purging toxins and removing excess doshas (imbalances), and your metabolism will become balanced as your digestive fire heals. You will be supported through this transition by techniques that keep the mind and nervous system calm, including pranayama (breathing practices), yoga, and meditation.


In the final 3 days of the cleanse, your focus will be on balancing the digestive fire and rejuvenating the tissues. You will return to the pre-cleanse diet, adding in seasonal, rejuvenating foods to increase strength and enhance your immune system.

What’s included:

  • 4 live/recorded webinars with your cleanse hosts, Debby + Courtney
  • A step-by-step guide to help you navigate the entire cleanse process, including meal plans, easy-to-follow recipes, and holistic self-care practices
  • Printable shopping lists and daily routine worksheets
  • Daily emails with cleansing tips and inspiring stories to help you stay motivated and on track
  • Guided home yoga and mindfulness practices, including detoxifying asana sequences, breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation
  • Access to the private cleanse Facebook group for support, community, and connection
  • Unlimited email support throughout the 14-day cleanse

Registration is open now through April 10th!



  • New Cleanser: $108 (for first-time cleansers)
  • Returning Cleanser: $54 (if you’ve done the cleanse with Debby before)
  • Custom Cleanse Package: $195 (see below)

Custom Cleanse Package

Looking for more personalized guidance in your cleanse experience? In a custom cleanse coaching package, learn how to conduct a nourishing, seasonally-aligned cleanse with one-on-one guidance each step of the way to address your unique health needs. This package is available locally and online for distance clients.

What you’ll receive:

  • Individual pre-cleanse consultation with Debby or Courtney
  • Personalized cleanse plan to address your unique needs and goals
  • 1 Follow-up accountability session to be scheduled at any point during the cleanse
  • Unlimited email support

Custom Cleanse Package: $195

Registration is open now through April 10th!


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